Town of Aurora's Economic Development Strategic Plan

Purpose for a Strategic Plan

An economic development strategic plan sets priorities and directs the efforts of the municipality in order to help grow the local economy.

Mission Statement: Building a Diversified Economy for the Future

Having a diverse economy means that a community can be resilient through downturns in the economy. The advantage of a diversified economy is that a community isn't tied to one specific sector and thereby remains flexible and sustainable through various economic cycles.

This mission is achieved through four goals that have been identified in the Plan.

  • Goal 1. Targeting Growth Sectors & Attracting New Investment

  • Goal 2. Creating a Competitive Business Climate that Supports Existing Business

  • Goal 3. Establishing Downtown Aurora as a Destination and Focal Point for the Community

  • Goal 4. Improving Quality of Life - through Heritage, Arts, Culture, Tourism and Community Engagement

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